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“Corey was excellent! He was professional, respectful, and personable. I loved talking with him and I learned a lot. He was able to answer all my questions and address my concerns.”

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    Kansas City Spider Exterminator Near You

    Most common house spiders don’t really pose a threat to you or your family, but they can be a bit of a nuisance and unpleasant to look at. It is important to be aware of what attracts spiders into your house. You might also see more spiders in your house as the weather cools down and they begin looking for a warm place to set up shop. Additionally, spiders can make their way into your home during the dead of summer when temperatures are high as they look for a cooler place.

    Identification of the spider is important when it comes to determining the risk the infestation poses. Spiders such as black widows or brown recluses are highly poisonous and should be dealt with quickly and professionally.

    Effective and Safe Spider Extermination Services in Kansas City


    Spiders are a common sight in homes and buildings in Kansas City, but some species can be harmful to humans and pets. Blue Beetle Pest provides comprehensive spider control services to help homeowners and businesses in the city eliminate spider infestations and prevent future outbreaks.

    Our spider exterminators use a combination of chemical treatments and physical removal methods to effectively eradicate spiders from your property. We use safe and effective insecticides that target spiders without harming humans, pets or the environment. Our team is trained to identify the most common spider species in Kansas City, including black widows, brown recluses, and yellow sac spiders.

    Our spider extermination services are designed to address the root causes of spider infestations, including poor sanitation, clutter, and food sources. Our team will conduct a thorough inspection of your property to identify the areas where spiders are most likely to thrive, and provide recommendations for reducing these risk factors.

    In addition to extermination services, Blue Beetle Pest also offers ongoing maintenance and prevention services to help keep your property spider-free. We can provide regular inspections, treatments and ongoing support to keep spiders from returning.

    Don’t let spiders take over your property. Contact Blue Beetle Pest Control today to schedule a spider extermination appointment. Our team of expert exterminators is ready to help you eliminate spider infestations and keep your property safe and spider-free.

    Happy Pest-Free Homes

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    Porsche RothPorsche Roth
    15:14 18 Oct 23
    Jonathan CarterJonathan Carter
    20:42 13 Oct 23
    Answered every question I had, and explained everything perfectly! Malcolm was extremely curtious throughout the entire experience! Well done, fellas.
    Joshua EspinozaJoshua Espinoza
    19:33 12 Oct 23
    Mr. Malcom Perkins did an awesome job! He was respectful and answered any questions we had. The quality of work he performed was great. Thanks Malcom !
    Lindsay PhillipsLindsay Phillips
    01:37 11 Oct 23
    Josh should get 7 stars! Customer service is clearly important to Blue Beetle as it was evident with his visit. Solid work!
    sebastian montanosebastian montano
    23:49 01 Oct 23
    Blue Beetle on August 18 only in theaters 👻👻
    Sheila SteeleSheila Steele
    00:08 27 Sep 23
    I recently needed pest control services and reached out to Blue Beetle. Mitch and his staff are extremely knowledgeable. They made sure I was taken very good care of. Blue Beetle still offers good old fashion customer service. I will definitely use them again.
    Deb TurpinDeb Turpin
    13:21 11 Aug 23
    Jasper did a very thorough review of our entire property – inside, outside and in the garage as well. He also provided good information regarding solutions for our carpenter ant issue. I would highly recommend Blue Beetle.
    Alicia ScottAlicia Scott
    04:33 08 Jul 23
    As an owner of a daycare center, nothing is more important than providing the best care for our children. And there is nothing worse than nasty pests (bugs, spiders, ants) invading our space! There are literally hundreds of extermination companies to choose from so I called 3 to see who could provide the best help. Well, I couldn’t be more impressed with Blue Beetle. I immediately got a call back from the nicest most professional sales manager, Reggie Gray. He was beyond professional, concerned and attentive to our needs over the phone. But even more impressive was he was out at our facility within the hour. I didn’t have to pay a service charge or sign a contract but this guy was out there because he seemed to genuinely care about the kids (and our business) almost as much as me. Lol I think he had just started working for the company but his knowledge, attention to detail and communications were top notch. Well, I didn’t call him back right away so instead of being all aggressive, he sent me the nicest card just reminding me that he was here to help if I needed their service. I was SOLD! And even better, he was able to work within my budget. The tech came out and was equally as professional and of course, Mr. Gray called the same day just to check on my experience with their service. Feels like I just wrote a book (lol) but if you want the best service all around, then Blue Beetle Pest is the call to make! Thanks again!
    Adam BrownAdam Brown
    13:12 01 Jul 23
    Everyone thinks of pest control and exterminators as scary bug guys with dangerous chemicals. I did too. But after I was referred to Blue Beetle by an apartment building owner I know, I am pleased to say they shattered that misconception.He told me that Reggie Gray, their commercial sales manager has really impressed him and that I should try their services too. I couldn't have been more pleased. Professional, affordable, on-time, and best of all... no more pests! It worked like a charm. I've already recommended them to three other friends and if, for some reason, I'm ever bothered by pests again and need an exterminator, I'll definitely be calling Blue Beetle.
    Dr. Yvette HayesDr. Yvette Hayes
    21:00 23 Jun 23
    I am distraught with Blue Beetle Pest Contol. They charged my debit card $169.00 without rendering a service. Lisa failed to let me know that Blue Beetle Pest Control charged the day of service when I had to call to cancel because of my landlord. When I called to speak to a manager several times, the representative had a language barrier and had me on hold. Then, Lisa rushed me off the phone, and the manager, Debra, had a voice greeting that sounded as if she was lethargic. I will never do business with them again because they can not be trusted with your personal information or debit card. I still need to be refunded. I plan to take further action.
    Jessica StantonJessica Stanton
    16:17 09 Mar 23
    Initial contact was a little rough, I made my first call after 8a.m. on a Monday morning. No one answered so I left a message. I received a text in response and responded with a text. Finally, it was getting late in the day that I was concerned I would not get an appointment scheduled before the end of the day so I called again. I was able to set up an appointment for Tuesday. Tuesday went smoothly, Corey arrived in a timely manor, and was wonderful to work with. He was impressed that I actually had all the items out of my kitchen cabinets.
    Kassie PopperKassie Popper
    19:59 01 Mar 23
    We recently had our initial service - all around very pleased! Oliver was fantastic and went above & beyond! He was professional, personable, and incredibly knowledgable. He was thorough with his inspection & treatment/spraying process. He even took the time to provide helpful tips & tricks for preventing pests in the future. We’re looking forward to our next service - highly recommend!!

    Identify Common Spiders in Kansas and Missouri?

    Spider webs are a key sign that you have a problem. If you find a spider’s egg sac it is important that you take care of it immediately as you don’t know how close it is to hatching and, once hatched, it can lead to a bigger problem.

    Spider infestations tend to follow other insect infestations such as flies since they need food to survive. So keep this in mind when you are dealing with other infestations.

    If you start to see spiders or spider webs in the corners of your house, it is likely that you have a spider infestation. A spider infestation is also a good sign that there is another insect infestation happening and it might be a good time to get a professional to have a look around because you might have a bigger problem.

    Is it a brown recluse?

    Brown recluses are very common spiders in Kansas and Missouri. They are typically quarter sized (1/4 to 1/2 inch wide). Commonly referred to as “fiddleback”, the brown recluse spider has a violin shaped back. Their color can vary between a light sandy brown with thin legs and a slightly darker body.

    brown recluse exterminator in Kansas City
    Typical shape of a brown recluse spider

    How To Control & Prevent Spider Infestations?

    Identification of the spider is important when it comes to determining the risk the infestation poses. Spiders such as black widows or brown recluses are highly poisonous and should be dealt with quickly and professionally. Preventative measures are the best way to keep this risk at bay.

    Our Happy Home Program ensures that your home is always protected from infestations from the start. At Blue Beetle, we use a highly effective, family, and eco-friendly pest management approach that brings you the quick results you expect along with the long-term protection you deserve. Call us before noon, and receive same-day pest control!

    Why Blue Beetle Pest Control for your home

    Prompt response doesn’t mean cutting corners. At Blue Beetle, we deploy top-tier equipment and only the most skilled technicians, selected through our stringent vetting process.

    No cookie-cutter solutions here. We ensure each client receives a thorough full-perimeter inspection, targeting the heart of the issue to safeguard against future pest problems.

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    With Blue Beetle, it’s always safety first!

    Our Happy Home Program services are pet-safe, eco-friendly, and they’re less toxic than table salt.

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    Your satisfaction is always 100% guaranteed

    You can rest easy, knowing that we back up our work with our 100% guarantee. If for some reason you aren’t satisfied, we’ll keep working until you are.

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    Blue Beetle has a proven track record!

    1,500+ 5 star rating on Google and awarded Best Pest Control in KC 2019, 2020, 2021 AND 2022.

    Serviced Areas

    You’re never far from expert spider control services. If you’re in the following areas, you’re under the protection of Blue Beetle’s 20+ years of unparalleled expertise:

    Frequently Asked Questions About Spiders?

    How do I get rid of spiders permanently?

    To permanently rid your home of spiders, maintain cleanliness, vacuum often, and eliminate clutter. Seal cracks and gaps in your home’s foundation and windows. Use insecticides carefully or consider a pest control service for thorough solution.

    What home remedy keeps spiders away?

    Spray a mixture of water and peppermint oil around your home. Other natural repellents include white vinegar, citrus peels, and eucalyptus oil. Keeping your space tidy also deters spiders from settling. Check out our DIY guide to get rid of spiders in your home.

    What months are brown recluses most active?

    In Kansas City, brown recluse spiders typically become more active between April and October. Their activity peaks during the warm summer months. Ensure caution and preventive measures during this period to avoid encounters.


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