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“Corey was excellent! He was professional, respectful, and personable. I loved talking with him and I learned a lot. He was able to answer all my questions and address my concerns.”

Ashley E.

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    Mice & Rat Exterminator in Kansas City

    Just one mouse in your home can turn into a family of 10 in less than one month. Mice and rats will gnaw through wires, chew through sheetrock, and destroy furnishings inside your home. Not only are they destructive, rodents spread diseases and contaminate 20% of the world’s food supply through their urine and feces.

    It’s important to get a rodent infestation under control before you’re paying for more than just a treatment. If you’re experiencing issues with mice or rats in the Kansas City area, call Blue Beetle today for Same Day Pest Control.

    Mouse Inspection

    The most important aspect to rodent control is keeping them out in the first place. We’ll inspect your home for areas where rodents may be infesting. Finding their nest ensures we can target it properly. Then, we’ll help you identify things around your home that may be attracting them, such as:

     Leaky faucets
     Wood/debris piled close to the home
     Unsealed trash containers

    Mouse Extermination

    After locating the area of infestation and conducive conditions, we can begin to control the existing infestation. We’ll do this by:

     Sealing off entry/exit points
     Installing bait and/or traps if needed

    Family & Pet Friendly Solutions

    Any of our services are completed with your family’s safety in mind. We’ll inform you of any areas where traps and bait are set, and we’ll make sure these products are only accessible to the rodents we’re targeting, and NOT your pets!

    Year-Round Mice Control

    Mice and rats are more likely to find their way inside when temperatures are cooler – they like to stay warm too! Keep your home protected from mice and rats all year round with our Happy Home Program. Bi-monthly preventative services ensure we control pests before they get inside your home. Under the program, we’ll return for additional services at any time completely free of charge.

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